After over 40 years of aerial photography experience, I have been fortunate enough to (semi) retire. I say "semi" because I love to take on a challenge! If you need your corporate facilities photographed, or a picture of your home, I'd be pleased to recommend a competent aerial photographer in your area (if there is one).   Hopefully this page will help you decide which type of image(s) you need.

BUT- if you're got a one-of-a-kind, gotta be done by Tuesday assignment, give me a call!

images are those taken at an angle, sort of like looking down at the street from a few stories up. Obliques are the most common, and are used for everything from environmental documentation to real estate to advertising. Here are two typical oblique images:

Paugus Bay Marina   LegalLegal


OBLIQUE PANORAMAS:  Using a dedicated software, we electronically “stitch” many
oblique images seamlessly together to create a wide angle view with high resolution.

Here's an oblique panorama of Newfound Lake. We have provided
these up to 
25 feet wide and 10 feet high. How big is your wall? Newfound-PanoWNewfound-PanoW


VERTICALS are taken straight down- like looking at a map. These are great for property documentation, legal disputes and environmental studies. Google Earth and others provide similar views, but they are often many months (or years) old, with far lower resolution.geo-referencing available.

Vertical image                 MappingMapping



VERTICAL MOSAICS are similar to panoramas, but usually contain dozens of vertical images, seamlessly stitched together to make one large high resolution image:

VertcalMosaicDemoVertcalMosaicDemoStitched Panorama

The high resolution of each individual image is retained throughout the entire panorama:



We can also provide VIDEO from a variety of airborne platforms,
depending on the altitude, 
environment and type of footage required .
Squam Lake in One Minute          

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