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Here are a few of then images I took Aug 29, 2012 of the wind turbine installation near Groton NH & Tenney Mountain. They are freely available for personal use and distribution. Once you've selected a single picture, right-click and choose download. If you need higher resolution, just email me.
Windfarm Newfound LakeIberdrolaWindFarm_1851IberdrolaWindFarm_1858IberdrolaWindFarm_1867Close-up-1867IberdrolaWindFarm_1864IberdrolaWindFarm_1861IberdrolaWindFarm_1869IberdrolaWindFarm_1873IberdrolaWindFarm_4256IberdrolaWindFarm_4267IberdrolaWindFarm_4272Iberdrola-4254AIberdrola-4254Bs